Another Muse Project With the Girls
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Wednesday, July 01, 2015
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I love having little girls around. I have my two daughters and two neices. Although my youngest is still too young to participate with the older girls, I still try to have fun with the older three. Almost two years ago, I did a woodland fairy session with them which is still one of my favorites to date. I felt the urge to update and do a new session with the girls. I started off by setting curls in their hair using straws. Yes, straws. My goal was to create wildly curly hair. As soon as the straws came out and I ran my finger through their hair, it was success. I took them up the mountain during sunset and just had fun with them. I think they enjoyed themselves although they were little divas. Enjoy!


*Please do not save or screen shot any of the images as they are copyrighted to Jillian McDermott Photography. Thank you!*

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