Jessamy's Maternity Session
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015
By Jillian McDermott
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I love working with friends I've known for a long time. Jessamy and I both graduated college together with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education back in 2005. Doesn't seem that long ago but holy cow it's been 10 years since then! I always will have a special place for Jessamy because back in 2010, when I was first starting up my business, she asked me to take her maternity photos. I was so excited that someone wanted me to photograph them and I was 100% willing. We were belly buddies at the time since I was pregnant with my son and she saw my maternity pictures online. Well, I've come a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way since 2010 and now she's expecting baby number 3. I wanted to give her precious memories of her last pregnancy and asked her if I could photograph her again. Jessamy's family are simply gorgeous! Seriously, they are one good-looking family!  Micah is one lucky baby to be entering the world to an awesome family:)


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