Shoot and Share's 2015 Photo Contest
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Friday, June 05, 2015
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Shoot and Share has an annual photo contest on its site. I love this site because it is a community of other photographers and they inspire one another and showcase their amazing work.So it was not easy to make the decision to enter my images. The talent on this site is absolutely amazing. How will my work compare? The fact that other photographers vote on these images was extremely scary. There were many categories and you can enter up to 40 images.  By the time all was said and done, there were over 110,000 images submited. Wow! I submmited about 8 images of my own in that entire number. Once the voting process was active, it went through 12 rounds. You chose the best image out of four, then they'd show you another four images, etc. They would show you all categories so to even come across your image to vote was almost rare. I did come across one of mine which got me all excited! But it was hard to keep up, so I just waited and waited. All together, there were over 2,000,000 votes! That's alot of votes! Shoot and Share finally started releasing the images that placed, and of course they were amazing, but I got notified that one of my images was a finalist and some of my other images made it to the top 20% and top 30%!!! You cannot imagine the joy and excitement I felt in that moment. While none of my images did not place, I was happy to hear how close they were especially since one was a finalist. The finalist picture also happens to be one of my absolute favorite images which is why I thought I would submit it. Thank you to all that inspire me and those that believe in my work and success. I only hope that one day I can also inspire others:)

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