Why is it important to choose a qualified newborn photographer?

Digital photography keeps growing which has made it easier for all of us to be able to take pictures. Now that DSLR cameras are becoming more popular to own and operate, it is also bringing out a new breed of photographers. I am one of them and proud. With this newfound wonderful device, I have taken the time to learn my camera in manual mode along with learning about composition, lighting, exposure, and posing. My profession is great as I continually learn to improve myself through workshops, courses, and other photographers. I pride myself in making sure I do things as close to right as I can. This especially goes for photographing newborns and newborn safety. The reason I bring up new and upcoming photographers in this digital world, is because it has become easier for those to start up a photography business. Sadly, not many new photographers are aware of how to properly and safely photograph a newborn. Many photographs you see, such as the one above is called a composite which means it takes multiple shots to acheive one. This photograph took three shots as mom’s hand was always on baby. Simple techniques in posing and in photoshop create beautiful portraits like this. There are many important factors when photographing a newborn that a photographer must be aware of to ensure a smooth session. I have been trained through workshops by skilled photographers. Many new photographers do not know the behind the scenes and will attempt set ups they see online and try to recreate it not even knowing that a newborn is being put in harms way. Please understand that this is not to insult new photographers in any way but to simply educate my clients, especially new moms, that photographers can create newborn art in a safe manner:)

When should I schedule?

It’s never too early to schedule for your maternity or newborn portraits. You can schedule your appointment as early as when you find out the great news! For maternity sessions I suggest booking when you are between 28-34 weeks. I like to schedule newborns when they are between 5-12 days old primarily because they are the easiest to pose and the most sleepy. I will use their estimated delivery date as their scheduled appointment and once they arrive, we can figure out when they can fit in since I reserve a spot for them within two weeks before and two weeks after their estimated delivery date. Please contact me as soon as your little miracle makes their way into the world. To schedule a family or child portrait session, I suggest booking a few months in advance to ensure availability.

What do I need to schedule?

I require the session fee in total to secure your session date along with a signed portrait contract.

Do I need to bring props?

I do have an array of props that you are more than welcome to use, but if you would like one of a kind props for your baby, I have some Etsy shops I highly recommend that match my photographic style. Simple and Sweet:)

Can you edit out imperfections such as rashes, or cuts?

Absolutely! I can also edit birthmarks ONLY if requested or else they stay:)

Do you offer a payment plan?

The only collection I offer a payment plan is for the Baby’s First Year. We can break this package up into payments throughout the year and final payment will be due before the 12 month session.

How long before I am able to view my images?

Depending on how busy it is, it can take anyway between 1-2 weeks before the final images are shown to you. It is at this time that we schedule the viewing session and initial orders are required to be placed at this time.

What if I’m running late?

I understand as new parents, tit can take a while to get into the goove of balancing your time. I’ve been there! But I do ask that if you know that it takes a while to get everything ready to start a bit earlier than usual. Prepare everything possibly the night before and have it ready to go. Time is very precioius to me as it is to you. I find coverage for my children during your scheduled session and it is never fun having to extend that as it inconveniences others as well. I suggest arriving at least 15 mins early to your session:)